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Marketing is the overall strategy on how you want your customers to view your organization from the outside and Marketing Campaigns are tools that help you achieve that goal.

Since perception is an intangible goal, marketing campaigns are measured in different ways like the number leads generated from campaigns, number of conversions and the like.

Lot of planning and analysis must go into developing an effective marketing campaign.

Some of the most important factors are:

  1. Define
  2. Target
  3. Budget
  4. Create
  5. Track
Define Your Customer

Define your customer by taking advantage of the abundance of information available in the CRM like Accounts by Industry, most effective Lead Source and more.

Hit The Target

Reach out to the best customer segments in the market by defining the region, income group/annual revenue, industry and other factors.


Allocate the required marketing spend and keep a track on the actual cost. Have realistic projections on what is the expected revenue.


Create the right marketing campaign that is best suited for your target customers and the one that fits into your budget.


Send emails, make phone calls, give demos, put up a stall, collect business cards, or what ever you do for the campaign – keep a track of the type of activities you do and measure the numbers.

Correlate the numbers with other metrics like Lead conversion rate and Lead conversion efficiency on a quarterly, half-yearly and on a yearly basis.

Analyze it with different perspectives – Branch Wise, Individual Wise, Quarterly/Half-yearly/Yearly – Branch/Individual wise.

Analyze with different metrics like Non-conversion rate on a monthly basis. Act on the derieved insights from the next campaign.


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