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Account management is a standard business concept using which corporate organizations handle other entities that are associated with them. It can be customers, partners, vendors or so on.

The process of account management involves storing, retrieving, sharing and updating of the account information. Over a period of time, account information becomes a qualified and valuable database of information. This information can be leveraged to up-sell, cross-sell and expand the foot-print of an organization across different industry verticals.

Traditionally this information has been stored in spreadsheets and maintained. But as the data grows large, organizations find it difficult; and at times fail to get the right information.

Providing capabilities within a CRM software to perform account management is crucial. It can reduce workload of data management significantly in the long run.

CRM software keeps track of all the customer communication and interaction details. It stores information like customer name, contact information, number of activities, associated products/services, service contracts, cases and more. Since all this information is tagged against a unique customer account, you get un-ambiguous, 360° view of the customer.

Intelligent Search is an invaluable addition to the modern day web based CRM software. In a database of more than a million records, searching for one customer requires only a few key strokes, and the time it saves is enormous.

Integration of these account management capabilities with industry standard spreadsheet (excel) format Comma Separated Values (.csv) makes the transition from excel to web based CRM software almost effortless.

Various listing and analytical reports related to accounts make the report generation task a lot easier. The top management can also use this data to analyze organization's growth and take necessary actions to further improve the growth rate.

Sales, Marketing & Support personnel can associate, schedule & track their activities related to various accounts. This helps the employees stay organized and streamlines the customer relationship management process.


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