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In a post recession world, the one topic that seems to be occupying board meetings today is cost cutting. And of course the first and ready-to-implement solution being offered to the same is the dreaded d-word, downsizing.

Managers however are slowly starting to realize that there are many other better alternatives to cutting cost. Cloud computing arrived as the knight in the shining amour to companies worldwide, thanks to which there is no need now to buy expensive licenses, hire an IT team, perform regular maintenance, upgrades etc for their IT requirements. With a plug and play model, cloud computing has widened its scope to almost all imaginable enterprise software and CRM was not far behind.

melssCRM is an on-demand CRM solution that is hosted online. You can have access to all your data any time and from any where. It provides you the flexibility of a traditional on-premise CRM, yet delivering the performance of a true Enterprise sales and support management solution.

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