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Customer Relationship Management with melssCRM

It's simple, intuitive and efficient

Marketing & Leads

Identify, prospect and work with leads. Integrate your marketing and sales on a single unified platform

Accounts & Contacts

Get a 360° view of your customers. Be on top of your commitments. Manage contacts and track communication.

Activity Tracking

Never miss a meeting, call or a follow up again. You always know when and what you did.

Opportunities & Quotes

Your pipeline and potentials travel with you. Your deals are a click away. Prepare quotations for your deals in a breeze.

Reports & Analytics

Improve quality of products, services and quantum of sales through statistical analysis

Customer Support

Take note of queries, complaints, improve response time and deliver high quality

Access Anywhere

No software to install. Access your records from anywhere. Information on the move!

Notifications & Alerts

Be notified of important happenings. Get alerted on reminders. Email, SMS or On Screen

Get Started

A simple web based CRM software

Get ready for your next deal - Increase customer focus - Make business happen


Introducing melssCRM Quick Lead extension for Google Chrome. Collect leads as you browse the web.

Why melssCRM?

With over 25 years of industry experience, we know how enterprises work.

melssCRM helps you manage your customers and all activities relating to them. It relieves you of the data management and lets you focus on getting your work done!

CRM screenshot – melssCRM
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